Tuesday, 31 July 2012

No security updates for Safari on Windows and Snow Leopard

Apple should really issue security updates for Safari for Windows & Snow Leopard users. Sophos has mentioned there are over 150 vulnerabilities that Apple has issued fixes for on other platforms.

While Safari on Windows & Snow Leopard may not have as large a user base as other platforms, however there are still 1000's of users who will be using vulnerable versions of Safari on these, and they will be unaware since Apple hasn't informed them.

Safari had 5.4% percent of desktop traffic in October 2011 according to Ars Technica

Total was 4.1% (Version 5 - 4.0% and Version 4 - 0.1%) of desktop traffic in June 2012 according to w3schools for users that went onto their website.

I'm not recommending Safari on Windows & Snow Leopard to anyone for the foreseeable future - due to the gaping security holes. Those who currently have them installed should consider switching to other browsers which are more secure.


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